What Hip Replacement Compensation Claims Entails

Hip replacement compensation claims refer to taking legal actions against the surgeon who carried out the implant in order to get justice for the treatment you suffered, leaving you in avoidable suffering and pain.

If a negligent hip replacement causes you to suffer avoidable impaired mobility, pain, and other complications, you may make a compensation claim.

In the United States, many hip replacement surgeries are conducted successfully without causing any issues to the patient. But this is not always the case.

Negligence Statistics

Even after the Exactech recall of some ankle and knee replacement systems for several reasons, some reports show that there are still new reported incidents and medical negligence claims, which is 6.5% more than what was reported a few years ago.

Out of 11,310 new negligence claims made in 2021/2022, about 14% of new claims involve orthopedic surgery.

Basically, those statistics show the repercussions of several factors, of which some include medical malpractice. If you are a victim of hip implant negligence, you can get compensated. Even if it happened many years ago, the claim could still be valid.

Why Make a Hip Implant Claim?

If your hip implant surgery negatively impacts you, the compensation for the claim can ensure you recover from the ordeal.

A hip implant is one of the major surgeries, and it might disrupt every aspect of your life. To have an additional disruption thrown to you is not something you need to take lightly.

When to Claim for Hip Replacement Compensation

If you are looking to seek compensation following serious negligent hip surgery, it is advisable to consider legal counsel right away.

In most states in the US, you will have around three years from the date that the negligent surgery happened or from the time you realized that the operation was negligent.

In case you’re not sure whether you are entitled to make a hip replacement claim for compensation or think that the claim can be invalid, speak to a good local attorney familiar with such cases to give you a hand.

Providing Negligence

Solicitors have specialized in legal issues and may not be able to say when surgeons have been negligent in your surgery. This is when the Bolam test comes into the picture.

A panel of skilled medical experts looks at what the surgeons did to you. If they are able to determine wrong processes were followed, compensation claims can be made against the surgeons.

Making a Hip Implant Claim

There are several reasons why surgery might be required, and these include arthritis, congenital abnormalities, and injuries.

But mistakes made during the surgery might have the opposite impact, leading to more suffering and pain. Your attorney can guide you in making a claim if a panel of medical experts is able to determine the following errors:

  • Misaligned hip implant
  • Loose implant
  • Nerve damage
  • Different leg lengths
  • Faulty hip implant

Concluding Thoughts!

Hip implants are a common procedure. But at times, when a surgeon is negligent, it may result in serious problems for the patient. So if you believe that the surgeon was negligent during the procedure, you can make a hip replacement claim for compensation.

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