Benefits of an Independent Agent in NY

Insurance is not something to be taken lightly. You’re essentially buying something that acts as protection against losing money in the case of an accident or medical incident. The fact that it’s a complicated process makes this much harder than most have time to handle. After all, not having the right coverage for your car insurance in Saratoga Springs can lead to you being penalized for not following the law, but also can leave you with financial issues if you’re caught in an accident without the right coverage.

This is why people choose independent agents, they take the effort out of the whole process and find you the right insurance coverage and policy for your needs.

How Independent Agents Work

Independent insurance agents are there to provide clients with a good variety of options to help them choose insurance. They can sell clients’ policies but can also file claims on behalf of their clients and negotiate on behalf of their clients too. Independent agents offer clients options from many insurers and are considered to be objective in their decision-making, but this isn’t always the case, as not all independent agents work with best practices in mind.

On the other side of the spectrum are captive agents who work with specific companies to offer insurance policies from just that company. They are usually employed by that company only.

As independent agents don’t work with a company, they manage their own businesses, so they often handle their own operations in an independent manner, hence the name.

The Advantages of Independent Agents

Here is why an independent agent is a great option for helping you find the right insurance policy.

They Give You Options

Independent agents are the choice for you if you want to get many quotes from different companies. Most independent agents sell policies from five to ten insurance companies, so they can collect your details and get you a variety of quotes without you needing to do the hours and hours of work. Due to their knowledge and connections, agents can probably find you better value than you would find searching on your own. They do the shopping, you just have to sit back and wait for the quotes to come in.

They Can Advise You

An independent agent won’t just give you a competitive price, they will ask you about your needs and make sure that you are correctly covered in the case of what your insurance policy covers. This happens because they are your personal advisor, they can tell you how the insurance market works, how coverages work, and what the legal requirements are for your state. They can also make sure you can afford your insurance coverage level and will find you the appropriate discounts to make things easier on you overall.

They Advocate for You

If you ever need to claim on your insurance policy, your insurance agent is who does this on your behalf. They can make sure that you get the money and repairs or medical help you need as soon as possible, with as much peace of mind as possible. If you have questions, queries, or concerns, you can contact your insurance agent at any time, their work doesn’t end when you buy a policy, on the contrary, your relationship is just getting started.

They Are Licensed

Independent agents make a career out of the complexities of insurance, so you would hope they have the relevant certification, and most do. This is because they have to make sure your policy is sold to you under the right details, with the appropriate amount of coverage, so you are protected in the case of accidents or problems that might occur down the line. This is why so many people like to work with independent agents, they have the relevant certification to get it done right.

They’re A One Stop Shop

Often independent agents will not just be there for auto insurance, they will also cover things like home insurance, content insurance, and renters’ insurance. Some also offer life insurance, but it’s not as common. This means you can have one independent agent taking good care of all your needs.

They Are For Life

Once people find a good agent, they tend to keep them for decades to come. This is because insurance is something you constantly need to review and change, and having someone on your side long-term helps.

Want to get started with your very own independent agent? Simply call and you’ll be working with the experts on your side.

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